Cryptocurrency Services


It all started when…

I invested in cryptocurrencry. I did my research for a unique high performance GPU solution like the Vega Frontier Edition 16GB, which is built for workstation computers; runs for long hours just fine.

For more information please visit their official website: 

These settings took me about six months to get them close to perfect. 

Here's a video of my hash rate @ 16,400 h/s mining Bittube using Cryptonight Heavy Algorithm. Currently profiting about $14 per day.



If interested, we will be more than happy to setup your mining rig, remotely!

The settings and special configurations required to make this happen has cost our engineer a lot of time and effort.

Kindly, please contact to discuss an appropriate plan for your project.

We are more than happy to built custom configured rigs, ready to mine shipped to your door.

Happy Mining!