Solid State Drives

Most computers these days are still using the older technology, a very important PC component is the Hard Drive. About 70% of computers use the traditional Mechanical Hard Drive.

A few years ago the Solid State technology started becoming popular as the prices were dropping. When it first was marketed, 1 GB of storage would cost you a dollar.

Now prices go as low as $60 for a 240 GB SSD (Solid State Drive). Statistically standard SATA SSD's read and write performance is about 500 MB/S while old mechanical hard drives peak at only 100 MB/s.

If you want to revive an older computer/laptop or significantly speed up your PC, we highly recommend that you replace your current Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive.

What's nice about those SSDs are the compatible connectors, they remained the same as the older HDD's, which allows the transition/upgrade to be smooth. 

All you have to do is using a 3rd party software to clone your old HDD to the new SSD. I will be posting steps shortly.


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