Intel's Core i7-7740K overclocked to 7.5GHz using liquid helium

A group of hardware enthusiasts with Gigabyte recently demonstrated the potential of Intel’s X299 platform as it relates to overclocking. At Computex, Gigabyte hosted an X299 OC gathering that brought together nearly half a dozen of the world’s top enthusiasts including the company’s own senior overclocker, HiCookie.


Utilizing liquid helium at -250° Celsius, the team was able to push Intel’sCore i7-7740K CPUto 7,500MHz (multiplier of 75 and a bus speed of 100MHz) on a Gigabyte X299-SOC Champion motherboard. A 16GB kit of Corsair Vengeance LPX 4,333MHz memory was also used, as was a Corsair AX 1500i power supply.

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